Our Partners

Bright - Outdoor Media Partner
Bright commenced business in 1980 as an outdoor media company. Today, is one of the leading Out of Home (OOH) media organizations in India and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the country. When you need an advertising medium that’s cost – effective and long lasting, and that gives you the necessary reach and the frequency, think of Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd.

Smartping - Digital Media Partner
"Smartping” is a specialized Enterprise Communications service provider. We offer smart communication solutions backed by innovative and intelligent technical platforms for SME’s, MNC’s, large Enterprises & Government entities.

SmartE - E-Vehicle Partner
SmartE is India’s first and largest electric mobility service, offering first & last mile connectivity to tens of thousands of commuters every day. SmartE has served over 15 million ‘zero-pollution’ rides over last 30 months. As a pioneer in the electric mobility service space, SmartE is committed to realizing the vision of making India a 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030.

New India Bank -Financial and Technology Partner
New India Co. Operative Bank Ltd is official Financial and Technology Partner with PMPL for Digitalization of 1806 Smart Retail Stalls in Mumbai And Mumbai Suburb.
INMA - Infrastructure Project Partner
PMPL is Official partner with INMA International Limited for Mumbai Project. INMA was awarded the Contract of the Highly Specialized work of fabrication and supply of underground tunnel Rings in Dec, 2012. Project is successfully implement within the deadlines.
ACC - Infrastructure Concrete Partner
PMPL is Official partner with ACC for using Cement and RMC to its existing Smart Stall Development.

Our Clients